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Born and raised in a big city called Izmir, Sinem Akin was always accustomed to cultural trends and captivated by artisan work. Her keen eye for luxury and natural talent for design fueled the fire in her heart to start her own jewelry business. In 2005, Akin launched the Wanna Collection in her homeland with partner Inci Denizel. Currently residing in Canada, the design-duo has successfully created a well-respected brand for women who seek quality, handmade statement pieces.

Like many designers, Akin was motivated to launch her home-based collection because of her admiration for jewelry and desire for independence. What sets her brand apart is the unique image and artful taste that the brand portrays. Her handcrafted jewelry is inspired by her love of British Columbia combined with her Turkish roots. Successfully captivating the essence of Canadian landscape, Akin’s cultural influences are visibly portrayed through every piece of jewelry. Stemming back to past experiences, the use of semi-precious stones and gold exemplify personalized detail with each new creation. Every pieces is one-of-a-kind, creating that custom, original desirability for every person who puts the jewelry on.

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