WORTHY MAGAZINE- You should know about Wanna Collection

Jewelry Line Intertwined as One-of-a-Kind Wearable Art

There are only a few things that can stop a woman on a mission; shoes, puppies, or a handsome man, but aside from those distractions, once she makes up her mind there’s no stopping her. The always-chic Sinem Akin along with designer and friend, Inci Denizel, combined their design forces with a plan to take over the jewelry world.

Sinem and Inci are two entrepreneurs who made it their mission to do whatever it takes to grow their brand globally and not let anything get in their way. Sinem is a self-assessed expert at balancing work and family, she remarks, “When I was pregnant, I thought God did not create women just to give birth to children, and I wanted to give birth to new designs and creations.” Sinem did just that when she opened her first store in Turkey and launched the Wanna Collection full-force.

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